Enjoy Your Build Your Wolf Pack’s Exceptional Coffee Blends

Get ready for culinary delight by experiencing BuildYourWolfPack’s list of selected cups of coffee, each blend made perfect to give your tongue a treat. From Mango Treat Coffee, which combines the rich and sweet flavor of ripened mangoes with coffee beans, all the way to the delicate taste of Jasmine, every blend is an adventure in taste.

Welcome to the world of Peach Paradise with an exciting combination of fresh peach flavor and rich coffee details. Taste the tropical flavor of Tanzania in our single-origin coffee that boasts a vibrant taste profile with high acidity, and hints of fruitiness. And welcome the very spirit of Pura Vida with our Costa Rica blend – the tradition of sustainability and superb roasting.

At BuildYourWolfPack, we merge passion & professionalism to bring you not only a great cup of coffee but a cup that ignites the spirit. Avid coffee lovers and first-timers to specialty coffees will always be spoilt for choices given our wide variety of products. Let us take you on a flavor adventure and let you discover the true taste and essence of coffee.

How BuildYourWolfPack is Special and Unique  

At BuildYourWolfPack, we stand apart from the rest through our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and the pursuit of exceptional taste. What sets us apart:

  1. Variety and Creativity: Our diverse range of coffee blends, from the exotic Mango Treat Coffee to the floral elegance of Jasmine, showcases our creativity in blending unique flavors that captivate and delight.
  2. Quality Assurance: Every step of our coffee production process is guided by stringent quality standards. From sourcing to roasting and packaging, we prioritize excellence to deliver consistently superior products.
  3. Customer Experience: We prioritize customer satisfaction above all else, striving to create memorable coffee experiences that exceed expectations. Our commitment to service excellence ensures every interaction with BuildYourWolfPack is as enjoyable as our coffee.
  4. Ethical Sourcing: We are dedicated to ethical sourcing practices, supporting sustainable farming methods and fair trade principles. By choosing BuildYourWolfPack, you support responsible coffee production that benefits both farmers and the environment.
  5. Innovation: Continuously pushing boundaries, we innovate with new flavors and blends, keeping our offerings fresh and exciting for coffee lovers seeking new experiences.

Exquisite Flavors with BuildYourWolfPack's Coffee Collection

Welcome to BuildYourWolfPack where flavor and craving come together with our exquisite line of coffee products and its unique promise to transform your coffee adventure to a whole new level. Whether you are an experienced, intense taste lover, or simply one who appreciates the Asia hint of the sweet concoction, there is something in the diversity of our range for everybody.

  1. Mango Treat Coffee 


Starting with Only $17


Picture taking a sip of the coffee and feeling like you are on an island in the warm tropical sunshine. As the name suggests, our Mango Treat Coffee achieves this by incorporating the taste of ripe mango essence into the coffee beans. But when combined, it results in a bottled sunshine and a burst of fresh, island feel that is perfect for a refreshing, invigorating sip.


  1. Peach Paradise


Starting with Only $17


Savor the fruity, slightly tangy, and smooth taste of Peach Paradise coffee. Less assertive and incredibly refreshing with the taste of ripe peaches, this addition adds a delicate touch of flavoring to your coffee, enhancing the taste of Gourmet roasted coffee beans. It is a perfect pick for consumers who seek to drink a coffee that does not necessarily have a bold taste or strong aroma of roasted beans.

  1. Jasmine: Floral Elegance

Starting with Only $17


Our Jasmine coffee captures the true flavor of jasmine and is sure to give you a unique taste that you will never get tired of. With the sweet and enchanting scent of jasmine flowers, the smoothness and delicious taste of carefully chosen beans will please even the most discerning palate. That is the gourmet choice for individuals who have a tasteful sense of the floral and coffee notes altogether.

  1. Tanzania: African Excellence

Starting with Only $18.99


Get ready for a daring adventure into the roots of Tanzania with our flavorful coffee. This single origin is grown in Tanzania and is considered to have a high quality since it has a bright acidic and fruity taste with a full body flavor. This is the finest proof that African coffee beans are second to none in terms of quality and the resulting flavor profiles marketers refer to as the coffee’s terroir.

  1. Costa Rica

Starting with Only $18.99


Introduce yourself to the traditional exquisite life with our Costa Rica coffee. Being amongst the world’s famous destinations for growing coffee beans that boast such features as bright acidity, balanced tastes, and an exquisite, clean aftertaste, Costa Rica pays great attention to sustainable production. Our Costa Rica blend epitomizes the Pura Vida which means; a simple and happy life with more emphasis on good coffee. 

Why Choose BuildYourWolfPack? 

 At BuildYourWolfPack we love coffee and have a purpose of making sure that consumers receive only the very best. Every blend in our collection is crafted to precise recipes that guarantee the uniform quality and rich flavor of the coffee. Our coffee products are, therefore, crafted to give you that ideal taste you are looking for whether in the bold and robust type or the mild and complex one.

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We want Coffee Shop owners to create experiences for the table sitters that make them grow their business  - All with Build Your Wolf Pack. Experience the elegance of coffee through BuildYourWolfPack.

Take your time and discover different options for our coffee and more – all of them are tasty and will respond to a high level of our work. From drinking Mango Treat Coffee in the morning or having Jasmine, a cup of tea that has the elegance of flowers before sleeping, our coffee products are bound to transform your coffee experience.

Come to see us today and find out why BuildYourWolfPack is a store that coffee lovers all over trust with their coffee needs. Say hello to the unique taste in every cup.